Motoz Tractionator Adventure 150/70-17 Rear

150/70-17 (69T) (TL)
Manufacturer: MOTOZ


Like all Motoz products they are designed by experienced Australian off-road riders for Australian off-road riders. 

Technically 25% stronger and deeper tread than most adventure tyres.

The Tractionator Advencure tread design is unique, with blocks that self sharpen for better grip through the life of the tyre and self protect for long milage and superior off road cornering.

Unbeatable performance in the most punishing conditions, on all types of terrain.

Special compound designed to withstand the harshest of conditions found in Australia, USA, Baja, South America, South Africa, Israel, Spain, Morocco, etc.

Features include:

25% stronger carcass construction than other adventure tyres guarantees world class performance with a high resistance to punctures

Uniquely designed tread blocks self-protect for long life and self-sharpen for better traction through the life of the tyre

Optimized hybrid natural / synthetic compound produces maximum grip in the hot Australian climate

Superior block design creates a larger footprint and contact point providing superior traction

30% more tread depth than most adventure tyres


Size Use
PositionLoad /
Rim (Inch)
(mm +/-)
Tread Depth
at Centre
90/90-21 (TL) DOT Front 54 T 2.15   695 99 12
110/80-19 (TL) DOT Front 59 T 2.5 2.15 659 109 12
130/80-17 (TL) DOT Rear 65 T 3   640 142 13.5
150/70-17 (TL) DOT Rear 69 T 4.25 4.5 642 166 15
140/80-18 (TL) DOT Rear 70 T 3.5 3.00, 2.5 681 156 14
150/70-18 (TL) DOT Rear 70 T 4.25 4.5 667 166 15
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