Sun-F A-033 ATV 26x11.00-12 (12 ply) FREE DELIVERY

26x11.00-12 (12 ply)
Manufacturer: SUN F



Originally developed for use by the US military, the SunF A-033 12 Ply was designed to handle the harshest conditions without failure.

Featuring an aggressive non-directional tread pattern, with a tread depth of more than ¾’s of an inch, the A-033 provides superior traction on every type of terrain.

The footprint is a proven and popular utility tread pattern and the tread covers the entire shoulder of the tyre for added sidewall protection

A higher concentration of natural rubber is infused into the bias constructed carcass, creating an incredibly durable tyre that is soft enough to grip hard surfaces while still offering exceptional tread life.

In addition to being virtually puncture proof, the A-033 12 ply features an ultra-stiff sidewall with almost no flex.

Incorporating elements of run flat technology in the design, the tyre will actually maintain its rigidity without any air in it.

That means in the rare event that you puncture one, you won’t have to worry about being stranded.

Flat tyres are never convenient but there are certain instances where getting a flat tyre can make or break an experience.

Despite doubling the ply rating of most utility tyres on the market, the average weight increase is just 27% over the 6 ply version of the same tyre.


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