Michelin Pilot Road 2 PAIR DEAL 120/70ZR17 180/55ZR17 *FREE*DELIVERY* SAVE $110


120/70-17 (58W) + 180/55-17 (73W)


Sport touring tyres face the contradictory task of delivering all weather performance, versatility, and long life

Once thought to be impossible, the advent of dual compound rubber formulas allows the Pilot Road 2 rear tyre to truly balance these demands

A unique, race bred tread design allows for outstanding wet grip and cornering confidence during the entire life of the tyre

Features a soft rubber compound on the tread shoulders and a wear-resistant compound down the middle

Made of environmentally sound 100% non-aromatic oil rubber compound

Longest lasting combination of wet grip and mileage

Best combination of both wet grip and tread life of any comparable tyre

Excellent dry and wet grip provides riders confidence in challenging conditions

Innovative tread designs incorporating factors of high-grip sport tyres and long-lasting touring tyres

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