Dunlop D211 GP RACER SLICK PAIR DEAL 120/70-17 (M) + 200/55-17 (M) (195/65-17)

Manufacturer: DUNLOP





120/70-17 (Med) + 200/55-17 (Med)

(rear is the same size as 195/65-17)

Ride With Confidence!

The GP Racer D211 Slick has all of the features that make the GP Racer D211 such a successful tyre for fast road use and track day enthusiasts, but the GP Racer Slick delivers even more dry grip and performance, and because there are no tread grooves, even faster handling response, but still with very linear progression from upright to maximum lean.

The GP Racer D211 Slick is just as easy to set up, just as stable at speed and provides huge levels of consistent grip and fast warm-up.  Real race performance has never been so so many!

Developed in conjunction with the UK race factory, the D211 Slick's accessibility and success comes from Dunlop's revolutionary NTEC system taken directly from Dunlop's D211GP race tyre. This provides a pressure tuning option allowing riders to alter tyre pressures for ultimate grip on track (with rear tyres able to be run at extremely low pressures - all the way down to 17 psi) along with high grip levels and durability.  This tyre is the perfect choice for both the serious racer or the club racer.

Dunlop's commitment to continual research and development has created a tyre that is not only super user friendly, but has once again raised the bar even higher for the other major tyre manufacturers. This tyres technology offers serious benefits to the rider!


N-Tec system in rear tyre allows riders to lower rear tyre pressures for cooler running, and fast, consistent lap times

MT Multi Tread compound technology in both front and rear tyres guarantees rapid warm up, high stability under braking, and offers the rider superior grip and feedback in all conditions

7000 series extrusion used in rear tyre for superior stability and durability

6000 series extrusion used in front tyre for superior stability and durability

New polymers used in compounds of both front & rear tyres